We’re all in this together.

NEX begins with a workspace designed to give you a place to call your office, people to call on for support and a fun way to expand your work network with a diverse membership. We’ve stripped away a lot of the usual ways to think about work so that we can start fresh with a bigger, bolder vision of how good business is built with people and community. Stop by and take a tour

We want you for the long-term, and we want to grow our businesses together, so that we can ultimately share some of our success with you, our members, through an expansion of our resources. We have amazing programs that get you out of your seat and immersed in someone else’s business. The Office Hours program connects you to experts in legal, finance, media and coaching. And we are always adding to our network of relationships around Atlanta and the region. We’re building something bigger and can’t wait to bring it to you.

photography provided by unsplash and a variety of our friends

coWORKING & day passes

Our bright, clean space is ready for you to get down to business.  We've got whiteboards, great chairs and an endless supply of coffee.  Stop in for a day or join the membership.



Burning Plan

Our founder was a designer. . . and now we host a monthly session to use design-thinking to help an entrepreneur or team move forward on the area of their business where they don't know enough.


See more details, how to apply or to join our invite list, go here.

Support the Labs

Schedule a meeting or event

Your next team meeting, board retreat or workshop can be held in our space.  Set up can be customized for a presentation or lecture, roundtable discussion or classroom experience.

If you have questions about capacity, availability or pricing, please contact our team via meetings@nexatlanta.com.                                       


Organizations & enterprise

Connectivity isn't just for startup's!  If you are looking to connect your team or whole organization to the great things happening in the entrepreneur ecosystem, we can help.  Come to us with your challenges around innovation, new customers or even just finding talent for projects and ideas.  It's a special way for YOU to connect.

See a sample of the monthly Survey

More information on the Organizational Membership Process