You might have some questions.  We know we can't anticipate every question you will have, but here are a few that people have asked over the years.  If you don't see the answer you need, just email our team at and we will get you an answer.  

1: general

We are a coworking space.  That means we provide shared workspace to business.  We do not have private offices.  We do have call rooms and a great upstairs deck.

We also host events.  Make sure to take a look at our calendar or add yourself to our mailing list.

There is on-street and lot parking available.  We are located near several VERY popular restaurants, so it gets busy and crowded around the times that people normally eat and drink.  Don't be surprised if arrive at noon (any day of the week) and you have to park a few blocks away.  

When is the Notary Public available?  She is here most mornings from 9:00am until just after lunch.  It's best to schedule with her in case she has a meeting.  You can do so by emailing

How can I meet with one of the hosts for Office Hours?

Do you help social enterprise startups?  We have and we do.  Just call or email our team and ask to schedule an appointment.

Do memberships include conference time?  No they do not.  We try to provide the most affordable cowork packages that we can.  So, conference room time is purchase separately.  If you would like to use the space only for meetings, there are options of conference room only packages.


2: membership

We don't keep track of your usage.  We're on the honor system.  So, be honorable.

Visitors & meetings:  Yes, you can have people over for meetings.  If they will be here longer than a meeting (2-3 hours), you likely need a day pass for them.  You can purchase these at member rates.  The rule of thumb we recommend is that if they are thirsty and you would get them something to drink, they are your guest.  If you expect them to get their own or to refill their drink, they need a pass.

Towels:  We have reusable towels in the space.

  1. In the Bathrooms, we have communal towels (colored) on the towel racks and single-use (white) stacked up adjacent to the sinks.
  2. In the Kitchen, there are towels above the sink and in a drawer in the island.
  3. For Spills and things that stain, we have a bin of towels on top of the refrigerator and some in each bathroom.

We try to avoid using paper towels as much as possible, but it’s not always feasible.  There are paper towels in the kitchen as a last-ditch option.

Markerboards:  Please use liberally.  These are Idea Paint and if you like to post your diagrams and doodles, we love it.  Please be careful with the sharpies!  We’re repainting one of the boards in your space.  There should be cleaner and extra towels in each space for whole-board cleaning, but sometimes we forget.

Noise:  We’ve been told our space is quiet.  That’s not the whole truth.  There are times that it gets downright rambunctious.  Don’t’ be afraid to take a phone call out in the open or to have a conversation.  When it’s super quiet, people are just focused and not listening to you at all.

Beverages:  We have a steady supply of filtered water, coffee & tea available for you all day.  Feel free to take the red water pitchers with you around the space.  In addition, there is a Nespresso Machine for espresso ($1) & we stock an always-changing variety of sodas ($1).  Drop your change in the jar on the counter.

Food:  Feel free to store your lunch in the refrigerator.  It gets crowded, just make sure people can get to the chilled water.  Food on the island in the kitchen is usually there because someone wants to share.  If you are crazy hungry, you can often (but not always) find spare snacks in the cabinet above the microwave.  Please make sure to dispose of all food and food containers in the kitchen trash.

Lunch Places:  There are lots of great places within walking distance.  I always recommend starting at Ria’s, just across Cherokee Ave., does a neighborhood discount of 10%.  Others include Tin Lizzy & Mescalito’s, Mi Barrio, Stone Soup, Carroll Street Café, Grant Central Pizza.

Cleaning: Just things you should know about how we keep it clean.  We microwave the kitchen sponges daily.  Anti-bacterial spray on the tables and all door handles at least 2x per week.  Fresh towels (bathroom & kitchen) every morning and after lunch.

Printing:  You can see the HP1518 LaserJet printer on the network.  It tends to act up with ipads, but otherwise connects to most everything.  If you don’t see it in your printer list, just plug in with the USB cord and it should set up automatically.  Since most people don’t’ print much, just check in with us for a large print so we can make sure to watch the supplies.

Stuff on Hand:  We have all kinds of stuff that I will likely forget to tell you.  It’s stuffed in drawers all over the space.  A few things: the polycom, a powerpoint projector, flip charts, post-it notes and lots of markers.  If you think of something you need – we might have it.

We don't provide computers for your use, but we do have a few screens that you can use as a second screen.

Other Members:  The membership is a wide variety of people working on everything from food access non-profits to high-growth tech startups and are often coming out of a previous work experience (industrial designers, corporate HR, public policy, etc.).  It’s also a group of people who tend to be checked in to a broad group of things around Atlanta. . . . so if you need something, just ask.

3: events

Events are open to the public, unless otherwise specified on our website.

We do recommend that you read the event information – some workshops require pre-work or there may be a price to attend.  We also recommend getting tickets or rsvp’ing in advance.  An event may be cancelled due to lack of interest.  If you are registered, you will receive notification.

YOU or your organization can host an event at NEX.  Just go to our events form, take a look and call our team at 404.745.4960 or email us at  We are happy to walk you through options and pricing.

There are special rates for recurring events and programs that are aligned with our mission.  This is determined by our team.

Thanks for stopping by.  Now come over and see our space.