Getting Ready for Session 5

I’m not even sure where we met, but I have been a HUGE fan of Charles Green since the beginning of our relationship.  I think it was sometime in 2009 or 2010.  He’s a really funny guy, likes to have drinks in midtown (where we both live), knows a lot of good people and is just amiable in that southern way that some men are.  So, it’s such a fantastic thing that on top of all of that, he’s always looking for ways to spread information around in order to open doors.  If you know me at all, you know this is my #1 mission in life.  Knowledge is power.  And knowing how to open the door is 90% of getting to the other side.

If you want to learn more about Charles’ resume, check out his Linked In profile.  If you want to really get to know the guy and his genius, sit in his Small Business Finance Bootcamp (SBFB) classes.  He’s not doing them on the regular right now, but I’m working really hard to change that.  So stay tuned to the NEX Calendar and our newsletter for upcoming sessions.

The SBFB is the primary program of Charles’ project, the Small Business Finance Institute.  It sounds pretty fancy, but at it’s core it’s about demystifying the process of finding lending capital for your business.  He walks people through the rules of thumb used by lenders everywhere and shows you what they are looking at on all of those documents they ask you to submit.

In 2011, we hosted the first of these classes at HUB Atlanta.  Charles came with us when we moved to Grant Park and became NEX.  The classes came also.  I did what we always do and negotiated a deal where I, or someone on my team, could sit in on the class each time it was presented.  It was 2 days of non-stop and utterly amazing information.  I went home after the classes on both days and went on and on to my husband about how astoundingly simple the whole thing is.

The is the genius of SBFB and Charles – he takes something we all fear and worry about and makes it into something that makes SO MUCH SENSE.

I just love his guy.  He’s opening minds and doors everywhere he goes.