Session 1: Homework

Ok, so you are probably feeling like there was a lot to remember from our first session.  It was pretty intense with all the assessments and asking so many questions about how things are going.  We learned so much about each of you though.  Now, let's talk about the work you were assigned to do between Session 1 & 2.

Ice House Reading:  Make sure to read Chapter 1: CHOICE in Who Owns the Ice House? by Clifton Taulbert and Gary Schoeniger.  Be prepared to talk about how this relates to your business and experience.

Finish all Assessment Exercises: Make sure to keep working through the assessments from Session 1.  The First Quarter Assessment should be finished before Session 2.  The Clean Sweep is something that might take longer and also provoke a lot more of a response from you about the overall state of your life.  Just keep working through it.

There were a few other exercise that need to be completed for Session 2:
1.  Time Management: Document 3 days of your work life and make notes about how you spend your time
2.  Mission Statement: Create a draft of your mission statement
3.  Priorities & Focus: Write down your goals for 2016 or the next 12 months.  You should have at least 3 and probably no more than 20.  Feel free to include as much detail as you like, but try your best to make them quantifiable; i.e., Increase monthly revenue to $12,000 per month.
4.  Brand Assessment: We did the first page in class.  Make sure to work your way through the rest of the hand out.

For each of these, just make sure that you are working on them regularly; maybe once a week, you should make a pass through the worksheets.  There will be parts of it that are really easy to answer and others that you need to consider the questions or even do some research.  Write out what you are thinking.  And if you have questions, make notes.  There will be time to review and ask questions in Session 2.

As you do all of the exercises, homework and reading, ask yourself a few things:

  • What comes up in your head?
  • Where do you feel particularly strong and where do you feel inadequate?
  • Where do you want to delegate the thinking and doing?  This can be because you aren't confident or you just don't like doing it.

Best of Luck!  And don't forget to call your partner from class.
See you on May 17th!