The Info Session

Oh, I was so nervous.  It's always like that when you are meeting new people. . . and especially so when those people really matter to you.  It's an odd thing, but this is how I feel when Yvonne (Dodd) and I walk into a room to start a new program.  The people who show up, the people who say they will spend an evening listening to what will happen in the class. . . these people really matter to me.

The evening turned out really well.  We had 50 rsvp's and there were probably 25 or so people there.  There were lots of people who turned out from the community organizing side.  These are neighborhood committees and leaders who want the local businesses to have access to educational opportunities and want them to succeed.  The small business owners who came to hear about the class were smart, interested and seem to be genuinely invested in the local communities.

This program is the project of Randy Gibbs in his role at the Adair Park Neighborhood Association.  It's been assembled to serve eight (8) intown south west Atlanta neighborhoods, including Capitol View, Capitol View Manor, Adair Park, Sylvan Hills, Pittsburgh, Oakland City, West End, and Westview.  Prior to this program, there have been Development Days and also a Cash Mob program to cultivate support for the neighborhood businesses.

We have some more prep to do and we're gearing up for our first session on April 19th!  If you want to be in the group, you need to sign up by April 15th - see the information below.  We're really looking forward to it. . . and be on the lookout here for our blogs on what's happening.  Up next. . . we the facilitators are doing the prep for the first session that we are asking our participants to do.  Come back around April 15th to see how it turns out.

About the Program & Signing Up

Team Intown SW Atlanta presents the Small Business Bootcamp designed for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers living or conducting business in the SW Atlanta Neighborhoods. This 8-month course is designed to introduce basic business concepts covering everything from strategic planning, business finance, obtaining government contracts, effective marketing, managing social media and gaining access to capital.

The course meets once per month on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, starting April 19th.  If you would like to participate in the bootcamp, please fill out the application form ( and pay the $150 fee by April 15th.  

If you and your team need to discuss a payment plan, please email Yvonne Druyeh Dodd at  


Michelle Morgan is the founder of NEX Atlanta, a coworking space in Grant Park.  She's an architect, a spreadsheet nerd, and avid connector of people and opportunities.