Getting Ready for Session 1

It's amazing the thoughts that have been going through my mind while we are getting ready for Session #1. Watching people sign up is exhilarating.  It really is!  Writing the agenda for the evening was hard, but really satisfying.  Yvonne and I spent a few hours working our way through the evening and imaging how it would happen.  THEN, we made the epic decision that we would do ALL of the homework we were asking the class to do. . . and chronicle it on this blog. 

Oh, my!  What were we thinking?  That it would be a good exercise.  That it would be a great way to think through where people might have blocks or see obstacles.  AND that is would be a great way to make sure that we were working side-by-side with the participants from the beginning.  It's important to both of us that we roll up our sleeves and DO THE WORK!

So, we have each been working our way through the assessments that we will ask the class to do and assembling the binders of information about where our business is today.  That is likely the hardest part.  In my prep notes for the class, I've made a list of things it's important to remind people to keep in mind - 1. It's a process. 2. You can't move it forward if you don't know where it is. and 3. It's a way to make decisions about where you need to spend your time in the business.

While all of these are true. . . it was difficult to remember any of them while I was combing through my documents (paper and digital).  My brain was a swirl of things that were not very nice. . . wow, you haven't finished that!. . . You really need to get on top of this!. . . This is supposed to be updated every month. . . WHAT were you THINKING?!. . . You would be more successful if you (fill in the blank). . . and on and on and on!