Creating the Binder

So last Friday Yvonne & I got together at NEX and reviewed the homework for the SW Atlanta Intown Business Bootcamp.  There are a few things we are asking the participants to put together so they can show the group where they are in terms of organizations and stress levels.  We have people in the group that are just establishing their business all the way to a 10-year veteran of the entrepreneur hustle.  So, it's exciting, but it will take a little bit of time at the beginning for us to establish expectations and coordinate working with a wide range of development.

The primary task we assigned was for people to create a binder with their vital documents in it.  These can be a whole host of things, but there are a few key elements like your Yearly Plan, current cash flow, collateral (like business cards or postcards), and legal registrations (business license, Secretary of State filing, etc.).

This kind of thing can be overwhelming, so we made this quick video showing you what we each put together to give everybody an idea of what we were looking for.

Good luck, y'all!