Getting Ready for Session 2

Oh boy!  It's time to prepare for Session 2.  I've got a mixed bag of feelings over here.  The first session went so well. . . I think.  So, does that mean this one will be a disaster?  i know, I know.  I'm a little nervous.  I wonder how many classes it will take for this to feel normal?  It might never really get there just because this is so important to me.

Yvonne and I have been working on, planning for and strategizing about this type of class for a while.  It might be even from the time we met a few years ago.  Along the way, we've done lots of pieces and parts, but this is a real high point for us.  We've done thing in-house at NEX that are similar, but this is different.

We are out in the community.
These businesses are almost all up-and-running.
We're delivering this program for someone we really respect.
We've met all the business owners and it makes your success personal.

So it's a good thing that Session 2 is about Strategic Planning.  This particular process is one that Yvonne Dodd developed herself and she's been offering for 3 years.  It combines your business goals with your life goals and asks you to dig deep and decide how you want to feel when this all happens.  it's a tough class.  I've done it a few years in a row to create the yearly plan for my business and every time I walk away saying, "this is LIFE changing."  

For each and every one of you in the class, I urge you to bring your best self and your WHOLE self.  Nothing less will do for this session.  Take good note and ask questions.  If you can digest this process and make it your own, you will have a very powerful tool for growth that you can employ over and over.