Show Your Work

In 5th Grade, I had a wonderful math teacher.  She was a family friend and I loved her from the time I was a really small child.  We are a lot alike & I think we could tell it from the very beginning.  I was a little bit of a math prodigy.  So, I was a little surprised when she told me I had to stay after class one day to talk about my work.

Argh!  Gasp!  Who me?

Yes!  She wanted me to show my work.  I asked why.  Were the answers not correct?  She said they were, but she wanted to make sure I knew how to do the work.  I remember telling her that I didn't know how I knew. . . I just knew.

Business can be a lot like that.  You just know.  Especially when you are getting it right.  Here's to hoping that we all have a teacher like Miss Pat though.  Because when you force yourself to work through the problem, you can see the process - not just the answer.  When the problems get harder, you have the process to lean on and it will get you to the answer.  Or if your best friend (who is not a math prodigy) asks for some help, you will be able to at least show her what you did.

For every business owner, there comes a time when the work is more than you can do on your own.  You have to turn it over to someone else and you will need to show them how to do it.  You might encounter a problem where something that used to work isn't cutting it anymore.  When you go to ask for help, it's so much easier if you can show someone what you have been doing.  We all want to help our business community and when we get together, it's so clear that I know how to do some things and you know how to do others.  If we can show each other, we can teach each other.

So, we start early, showing our work.