Transparency & Vulnerability

The aim of a program like this is to create real leaps forward and help the participants rid themselves of blocks and barriers to growth and success.  These obstacles can be personal issues or a lack of a skill or resource within the business.  To get to the real issue though, everyone has to talk about what happens in the business across the board.  And to do THAT, the key is to develop both Transparency & Vulnerability.  

We will share more on both of these topics as we go, but I want to give you a quick explanation of what we (Yvonne & Michelle) mean when we say this.  Transparency is a willingness to share details which you might think of as private, like how much you pay yourself; look at the differences between what you say and what you do; and answer questions about all of it.  Vulnerability is the acceptance that we cannot control much of what happens and it still affects us.  It's important to acknowledge that both of these are hard in terms of business and not usually topics of conversation at business networking events.