Getting Ready for Session 3

I'm being really methodical about getting ready for this session.  It's a little different for me.  I've got my list and I'm just working my way through it a little bit each day.  It's a good way to do it.  Very sane.  Very measured.  And totally not how I usually work.

This is called tranquil inertia.  It happens to people when they are stressed.  This time it's presenting itself as movement, but often it can be a standstill.  I think the steady forward movement is a happy accident and I'll take it.  If you are a business owner and you read this description above, you are more than likely nodding your head and sighing. . . tranquil inertia, what a great description for it.  I have to remember that. 

The stress right now is coming from a few different directions, but the biggest is that my partner-in-crime is away in Ghana on a site visit for ChopArt.  It's an amazing trip, I'm sure and I wouldn't ask her to not go. . . but it's stressing me out.  Yvonne and I do a lot of things together - this class is just one of them - and we are used to talking about projects and prep work and decisions a few times a day.  This isn't bad though. . . because for me, this is REAL PROGRESS.

A few years ago, I wouldn't have been phased by this.  I also didn't have a solid support system around me with amazing partners like Yvonne.  I was incredibly lonely and it turned into some very severe burnout and depression.  It's not unusual for business owners to feel this way; that's why I'm sharing this.  What is unusual is to be able to pull out of it while keeping the doors open.

So, I'm teaching this one alone.  It's ok; we've done this class a few times.  We have even turned it into a webinar.  So the content is there and in that way, spending time working on the class is sort of like spending time with Yvonne.  Until she returns. . .