Getting Ready for Session 4

Yvonne is BACK!  I would never begrudge someone the opportunity to travel.  Especially if you are going out into the world to do something that you really believe is important, but oh my!  Last month was nerve-wracking for me.

First, a little bit about Yvonne's trip to Ghana.  She was traveling with Chop Art.  They are an arts organization that uses art instruction to help kids process their feelings about being homeless.  They work in shelters in Atlanta, New Orleans, India. . . and now Ghana!  The trip was to establish relationships with organizations on the ground who can help in implementing programs.  So, so important.  Cheers for Yvonne - and Chop Art - on a job well done and hopefully you will see something on her blog about the trip.

So this month feels like the band is back together and it's really great.  When we work closely with other people, it's easy to fall into a rhythm where you bounce the project back and forth until it's finished.  One person may do more outlining and the other more presentation design.  With the two of us, our conversation goes back and forth over the whole month between sessions.  In addition to that, we have been working in close proximity to each other on entrepreneurship development for a few years. . . all the while knowing we are on the same page.  So, in some moments we are like two sides of the same coin working to create something.  We respect each others expertise and have similar styles.  The knit-picky things - like text on slides - we are on the same page.  

So, when she was out of the country it was like trying to work with only one hand.  The little decisions take longer.  And that person who knows you know what your are doing isn't there to give support before you can even ask.

Just in case you wondered, this blog is really just a thank you note to Yvonne for being such a great partner-in-crime on so many projects.  It's great working together and I look forward to a lot more fun projects in the years to come.