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NEX Labs exists to develop and deliver educational experiences around business for women, people of color, creatives and non-traditional entrepreneurs.  Our programs utilize design-thinking for the basis of the process.  This equips our participants to take ownership of their business model and be more engaged with HOW their own business operates.  Our team believes that this will make better business owners, who are more resilient, and can create solutions that are as nimble as our economy and technology is today.

In 2010, our founder launched Burning Plan.  It was a business review program based on the design studio critique.  The result was a deeper conversation between the experts, the entrepreneur, and the audience.  Over time, the feedback we got from the audience was about how much they learned from watching the presenters and being in the conversation with expert critic panel.  Since that time, we have worked with approximately 2500 entrepreneurs and teams in settings from office to a year-long bootcamp program.

The focus started our founder being a designer.  From there, we have stayed true to the mission of making the conversation accessible and using our network to get the best person in the room with the entrepreneur and their idea.  Our team believes that we are only there to help guide people through the process and provide support.  We are good at asking questions and digging deep for real answers.

Business: Lab

For women, people of color, creatives and non-traditional entrepreneurs.  8 sessions covering everything from strategic planning, business finance, obtaining government contracts, effective marketing, managing social media and gaining access to capital.

Application & $1500 Program Fee

NEXT SESSION: Starts April 2018

All in

The All In Circle is about getting it all done in the company of others. This group focuses on creating accountability and support in a small group setting.  Meetings are the 2nd and 4th Monday's of the month.  All information is confidential. Yvonne Dodd, facilitator.

Application & $125 Monthly Fee


Soulful Strategic Planning

Participants develop a clear, actionable, flexible blueprint that addresses the top goal-setting mistakes and aligns your vision with the day-to-day. Create a solid strategy to turn your big picture into smaller actionable steps
In partnership with The Authentic Hustle

$500 Program Fee

NEXT SESSION: Dec 2017 - Jan 2018

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Growth Mindset

A program built around the Kaufmann Foundation & Entrepreneur Ice House Entrepreneurship Program.  The focus is on building a growth mindset in anyone.  This program can be delivered to a variety of organizations including non-profits, corporate teams and volunteer groups.

$500 Program Fee per person

NEXT SESSION: to be determined

Burning Plan

No matter where you are in the development of a project or business, there are moments when you have questions. You may be at a place where you need to pivot and feel uncertain about the new direction.  Burning Plan is a prep and presentation where you will ask an audience those questions.

Application & $500 Program Fee

NEXT SESSION: to be determined

business by the numbers.jpg

Business by the numbers

BBN is a series of intensive sessions with 2 coaches to develop a 5-year plan and pro forma for your business.  Participants are asked to dig deep into what makes their business work and WHY they do the work.  The process is adapted to each person/team.

$1350 Session Fee + Coaching

Rolling Admissions

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the next 90

This planning session focuses on creating an action-driven plan to accomplish 3 goals in 90 days.  Participants are asked to focus on what daily actions will produce the results desired and to shift to measuring progress using KPI's.
In partnership with The Authentic Hustle.

$500 Program Fee

NEXT SESSION: to be determined

14 day book writing webinar.jpeg


Our team and partners host a variety of writing groups in coordination with National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  These include options for books of fiction, playwriting, and non-fiction.  We consider creative experiences to be a key element of the learning environment at NEX.

$500 Program Fee

NEXT SESSION: Dec 2017 - Jan 2018


Be Seen & Heard

Do you think you could be doing more or doing it better?  This 8-part marketing, social media, communications and PR workshop series will start with Building the Brand and end with how to close the prospect you created. Including how to talk about, promote and publicize your business.

$35 per session or $200 for the series


idea: Lab

In 4-6 sessions, 2 coaches will take a cohort of 4 ideas through a development process where they can be presented to an audience.  Each session requires a presentation of a segment of work.  As these come together the team is asked to identify their biggest gap.

$500 Program Fee


FemCity Atlanta

FemCity is a community dedicated to arming you with everything you need to grow your business and live a happy life. We bring you valuable, targeted advice from the most talented & inspiring women and offer opportunities to learn from others.

Monthly Events & Workshops
4th Wednesday of the month
Tickets: $15 - 60 per session

coffee witht the founder.jpg

COFFEE with the FOunder
Rise & Grind

We offer two informal groups that meet on an irregular basis for entrepreneurs, consultants, professionals and the curious to gather around and share what they are doing or considering.  This is for community support.

Pay What You Want

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