Want to check out our space?

YES!  Come on over.  You can stop by any day after 9:30am for a trial day working.  

During the day, feel free to wander around and ask the host for a few minutes of their time to answer any questions you might have.  We do ask that you sign up here, so that we know you might come over sometime soon.

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Already have questions?  
Meet with a Host

You might have a few questions about how things go at NEX.  Our amazing hosts have been members, started and built teams, hosted events and launched awesome businesses and programs in our space.  Get the lowdown on everything from making phone calls to how to ask for introductions. 

Learn about the space & Membership

It might be your first time in a shared space.  It's ok!  You can schedule a meeting with one of the Hosting Team.  They will give you a tour and talk to you about how to make the most of a membership.  Each team member is also a member of the space, so they can talk to you about the personal and business benefits they have experienced while working here.  You can ask about payments, logistics, how to reserve a call room, or any other questions you have.

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Take a look around. . . and even stay for the day

Tours can be led by a host or done as a self-guided hop around the space.  It's not large enough for you to get lost, so don't worry.  You can schedule a tour here or send us a message to let us know you want to drop by for a trial day.

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